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Earthen Hand Workshops

About Our Workshops


Workshop Schedule

• The Bioarchitecture Primer2022 / 2023    

To Register, or get more information, Email us at: scott@earthenhand.com

Get 10% off on your second course!

(Please note that tuition payments, once made, are 100% non-refundable. Caveat Emptor. All rights reserved.)

Our courses are designed to be accessible to most skill levels. Students will learn cumulatively if they attend several workshops.

Ask us about individual Apprenticeships tailored to your interests.

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Below is our most up to date workshop schedule. Also, please join our mailing list via the home page.

The Bioarchitecture Primer
2022 / 2023 — Online and Portland, OR: 6 online class days and 3 hands-on class days.
Join us for a comprehensive introduction to bioarchitecture - designing and building structures with natural materials in harmony with the Earth. Learn about forms and materials which measurably promote health, longevity, and life force energy. Develop your dream home or structure in a creative group setting. Discover historical and modern natural building and vernacular bioarchitecture. Experience hands-on natural construction by completing a 1/3 scale model buildings with the group. Get 1 on 1 guidance with your design concepts.

$1200 - $1800 sliding scale

Four weekends, 3 online and 1 in person. Exact dates tbd by the class. Class size limited to 7 participants.

Photos of a few workshops

Earthbag workshop photos Jamaica

Hot tub workshop photos Hawaii

Earth Oven workshop photos Puerto Rico

Earthbag workshop photos Portland, OR

About Earthen Hand Workshops

A growing number of people are interested in natural building, bioarchitecture, and permaculture. Our workshops seek to empower people with information and hands-on instruction for a self-reliant, ecological lifestyle.

We are dedicated to educating people about natural building and appropriate technologies. Workshops focus on skills, information, and intuition that allow a builder to create within the natural harmony. Each workshop includes hands-on training, discussion, and lecture. We feel that anyone who attends our workshops will continue to learn and teach technologies of global self-empowerment.

Potential workshop hosts can contact us by email at: workshops@earthenhand.com. Our ideal workshop is cooperatively organized, delivering quality education while completing a useful structure at an affordable price for everyone.

Our local workshops provide:

  • Hands-on learning in earthen building techniques
  • Useful and beautiful structures that cooperate with their surrounding landscape
  • Opportunities to learn skills for free—Public workshops offered annually through Portland's Village Building Convergence event

Our international workshops:

  • Create a positive cross-cultural exchange
  • Train participants in earthen building techniques
  • Provide international communities with needed structures that cooperate with their surroundings
  • Draw funds and human energy to places where the resources are more needed
Earthbag dome workshop in Thailand, 2004 Earthbag dome workshop in Thailand, 2004


"The Everything Earthen class is a great hands-on overview of natural building technique and theory. It was well thought out and focused, with a good pace and balance. It never felt too rushed or too slow. Scott and Chrystalina are highly knowledgable and patient teachers who allow plenty of student input and questions. Highly recommended!"
— Dylan

"Your workshop was better than I could have hoped for. This introduction to natural building harmonized with me on every level: from the excellent and well-organized instruction, to the relaxed approach to teaching, to each facet of the hands-on learning. Hats off to your methods and approach. Thanks. I couldn't have asked for better!"
— Myriem

"The program more than exceeded my expectations! As a beginner to natural building, the workshop provided a helpful introduction to the different natural building materials and techniques which are available and how to determine which would be appropriate to any given environment or project. Your real-world experience with natural building, combined with your technical knowledge and friendly manner resulted in a workshop that was both highly informative, comprehensible and fun. I have often found that the ability to communicate complex ideas with numerous variables in a clear, concise and understandable way is the sign of true mastery of the material being taught. Your personalized attention to each workshop participant and their building designs is a reflection of your passion for the work, for the people involved and the creation of an environment which is inclusive, enriching and empowering. The handout materials, books available for review, website links and references provided at the workshop have formed the foundation of my natural building library and are invaluable. I highly recommend this workshop for those interested in the nuts and bolts of how to design, plan and actually create a natural building."
— Brian

"Great class Scott. It was fantastic to get an idea on how to really get the ball rolling on natural building. I am looking forward to working with you again!"
— Tim

"Scott was an excellent teacher, and super patient with all of us newbies. Totally worth the flight from Charlotte, and I recommend this style of learning very highly!"
— Luke

"I loved creating a structure by hand with our class. It was fun to get dirty and work hard with our amazing crew and teachers. We learned a specific method of natural building, but were also introduced to many ways of sculpting earthen materials and living in harmony with nature."
— Skylark

"Thanks for the great cob workshop! It was great to meet other people who are into cob and take the first step towards making my own cob house a reality."
— Katie

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